Tours au Kirghizistan

Trois jours au Lac Son Kol avec une balade à cheval.

  Nous fournissons tous les équipements (la bombe) pour monter à cheval en toute sécurité. Nous fournissons un service de navette gratuite depuis notre auberge à la gare routière de . . .

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Level up your journey, take the chance to learn a new language, extend your horizon and start to talk to people better than you could do with hand and feet! We can arrange private lessons or help you to find language schools. Contact us!
There's too many things to do in Kyrgyzstan! The more you know about this beautyful country, the clearer it will be that you won't have time to do everything you would like to. We love to help you with planning, use our network to make it happen or even find travel partners... right here in the hostel!
However you decide to travel in Kyrgyzstan, it will be awesome! We are happy to help you to find all types of transport you need, from a bicylce to the horse. We don't run a rental ourselves, but we can count on reliable partners. Let's get the adventure started!
Too well we know how annoying it can be for homo sapiens V2.0 nomads if your vehicle (bike, bicycle, car, whatever it is) makes problems. Where are the trustworthy mechanics which do a good job and you can sleep at nights not worrying about your roadster? What are appropriate prices? Where to get the parts? We are not repairing ourselves, but we do our best to bring you to the right places and assist organizing parts. Contact us as early as possible if you have special requirements and time is scarce.