Fishing in suburban waters.

If you have a short time for one day and you like fishing, then definitely this tour is for you! After all, in the suburbs of Bishkek only 40-50 km, 60 minutes drive you can be on the shore of a quiet lake with beautiful nature around. The guide will take you to the lake and together with you will fish from private owners of the reservoir. In great abundance in the mountain rivers of Kyrgyzstan there are river Ottoman, Amudarya trout and several kinds of marinka. In ponds and lakes you can catch pike, carp, snakehead, Rudd, carp, Aral roach, Balkhash perch and silver crucian carp. Caught fish can be immediately fried from the owners of reservoirs. The cost of 1 kg of fish varies depending on the species from 200 to 350 soms. Rest and lunch on the shore of the reservoir. Here in the meadow you can play national games of nomads (“Kachma top”, “Kyzyl zhelek”, “Kur tyshtamay”, etc.) or play volleyball. You can stay here for the night in a tent, enjoying nature, learning the way of life of farmers of fish farmers and the customs of Kyrgyz people.






* Bonus for the guests of our Hostel tunduk

Breakfast at 07-30 am

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Number of people in the groupCost of the tour in som ($ / person)
17200som / 87 $
24800sом /61$
33600som /50$
42800som /40$
51900som /27$


* The cost of the tour in US dollars will be set

on the day of payment at the rate of the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic.


The price includes:

  1. Transport
  2. Guide
  3. Entry fees


Price does not include:

  1. The cost of cooking dinner
  2. Personal expenses
  3. Up to 2 kg of fish for free